Monday, October 31, 2011

Small Haul

A quick stop at Ocean State Job Lots for Halloween decorations turned into a smaller polish haul. I say small but it was 5 polishes. They had a few new Revlon polishes and an older Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

Left to right Xtreme Wear Strawberry Icing, Revlon Gray Suede, Tangerine, Devilish, and Sunshine Sparkle.

Ulta “Devious”

Devious is a deep dark purple. Not as dark as China Glaze Crimson. Formula was great. Went on easy and was completely opaque in one coat!!! Love that!! Purple is my favorite color so I loved this one no matter what. Not much else to say about it so, enjoy the pics minus my crappy clean up job. I need a new brush for clean up.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ulta “Envy”

My first guest nails. Meet my momma! Since I have been into nail polish so much the last few months she has been getting into it to. And I don’t mind helping her one bit! On my recent Ulta trip I picked her up a few polishes as well. The first she tried was Envy. This is a beautiful dark green shimmer. Formula was great. Most of the Ulta polishes that I have tried are nearly opaque in one coat. Only needed a second to cover a few bald spots. Mom did a great job with clean up, a lot better then I have been doing lately. All on her own Mom added a coat of Wet N’ Wild Kaleidoscope, a silver glitter with a few flashes of red, yellow, blue, and green. Looked great with a top coat.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ulta “Into Astrono-me?”

Into Astrono-me? is a beautiful dark blue crème with a slight blue shimmer. Ulta’s salon formula is great and very easy to apply. Opaque in two coats. I wore this for about 12 hours before it started to come off in full sheets. I think that was due to the fact that I had been cooking all day and using my hands a lot.

Naked Nails

These are my naked nails as of 10/22/2011. Currently not sporting any patches which makes me very happy. Those darn things while helpful are a pain in the rump to apply and maintain properly. The thumb nail on my left hand is growing back out nicely. Although it does need some better shaping. My right hand looks a little bit worse. Notice the hang nail on my pointer finger. My ring finger is getting quite long. I now have growth beyond the tip of my finger tip!

And as a bonus, meet Billy!! This big guy is nearly 9 years old and is one massive kitty. I think the last time he was weighed it was something like 15 lbs. Also he has mitten paws on his front paws.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro “Candi Apple”

This polish was false bottle advertisement. In the bottle it is a beautiful candy apple red with lots of gold glitter mixed through. But when I put it on all the gold glitter disappeared. While the red was pretty, I bought it because of all the lovely glitter I saw.

With that being said, it was a great formula. Went on easy and was opaque in two coats. Could almost have gotten away with one coat. I wore it for 3 days with little tip wear, although on the 3rd day I was bored and through on some black crackle. Sorry not pics of that, just plain. When it came off I found all the glitter had sunk to the bottom of the nail!

Ulta Haul

So, I discovered that there is an Ulta about an hour from my house. I was so stupid excited to go because I have never been to one before. I was in heaven! And all the people who worked there were wonderful. Even when a bottle of polish broke. Oops! Luckily none got on the floor and it was all contained in the shopping bag. I bought so much, probably too much.

Quake Set with Tink-Her-Bell

Ulta Salon Formula Chocolate Kiss, Alter Ego, Purple Haze, and Dance Teal Dawn

Into Astrono-Me, Ruby Slipper, Little Black Dress

Envy, Brownette, Devious

Salon Formula old bottle in Scene Steel-er and Femme Fatale, Professional Formula in Underground

Then China Glaze was buy 2 get a free top coat. China Glaze Haunting, White Cap, and Crimson plus free Seche Vite!

Then I popped over to Sally’s to pick up a few things. I got some nail wheels and my very first Nina Ultra Pro polishes! Plus a few more China Glaze polishes.

Nina Ultra Pro in Glamrock, Candi Apple, Purple-Xing, Emerald City

Orly Cutique and China Glaze Fairy Dust, Watermelon Rind

On the way home I stopped at Rite Aid to see what was on sale. I found these pretty duo chrome beauties.

Chameleon Blue Sky and Calypso

So many new polishes. I should go on a no buy. But that will last like until I see a sale again. I am such a impulse polish buyer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

China Glaze “Crimson”

This is one of the polishes from my recent Ulta haul. Its part of the China Glaze Haunting collection. At first I thought with a name like Crimson it would be a deep dark red. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually a blacked purple crème. Formula was great, went on opaque in 2 coats. Seche Vite made it super shiny and like dark glass. You can see from the messy clean up job the purple tint around the cuticles. So pretty but I only wore it for a day because of something else you will see coming in a later post.


For a while I have been admiring all the lovely Zoya polishes from a far. An $8 price tag plus shipping had been holding me back from purchasing. But because of the recent BOGO sale I couldn’t resist any longer. I picked up 4 since the limit was buy 2 get 2.

My beauties first picture Dannii and Jem, second picture Colette and Posh

I chose to use Posh for my first Jem manicure. It is a wonderful matte finish red. I was worried it would dry funny but it didn’t. Formula was great and went on smooth. It was almost opaque in one coat. Only needed a second to hide a couple of bald spots. It would not photograph right at all. These are the best pictures from my attempts.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hauls!! September and beginning of October 2011

These are some recent polish hauls from the end of September thru the first few days of October. I have worn several of these recently.

First up is Ocean State Job Lots. They sometimes have great deals on name brand polishes. I have found some L’Oreal, SH Complete Salon Manicure, and Borghese. This time around I found a ton of Revlon polishes marked down to $1.49 then again to $1.04. These are normally $5 at my local Rite Aid or Walgreens. I got 12 total!

No Shrinking Violet and Sweet Tart 
Black with Envy and Oh My Magenta
All Fired Up and Pink Again
Red Hot Tamale and Endless Possibilities
Plum Night and Effervescent Opal
Make Mine Mango and Scene Stealer

A trip to the Rite Aid near my parents house yielded me Revlon’s Starry Pink and nail art pens in pink, white, and purple. I already have the two others from Revlon’s new glitter collection. 

The next day I went back to the same Rite Aid and picked up several of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears from the main color line. I already own all the others and since there was a buy one get one 50% off sale I thought I would pick up the rest.
Top Row Purple Potion, Twisted Pink, Blizzard Blue, and Grey Area
Bottom Row Hot Magenta, Green with Envy, Invisible and Pink Boa

Then a few days later I stopped at the Walgreens near my grandmother’s house to pick up the Sinful Colors and Pure Ice crackles in black. (I have a black crackle comparison planned for another post.) It was there that I finally found the Fantasy Makers Halloween collection.

Pure Ice and Sinful Colors black crackle polishes

Fantasy Makers Black Magic, Creepy Pumpkin and Purple Potion
*** This is the Black Magic with the orange shimmer***
Later that day I stopped at the Walgreens near my work because I could tell the display at the other Walgreens was missing something. There I found Fantasy Makers Night Glow their version of the glow in the dark polish. 

Friday after work, I stopped at the Rite Aid near my grandmother’s looking for the Halloween make up display hoping to find more nail art pens. But instead found the recent Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear limited edition display. Now I already had almost all the colors except 3 of them. I was able to pick up Tealy Cool and Pink-y Ring. Now I am only missing Very Cherry.

On Saturday I went to the Rite Aid near my parents and found a ton of stuff on clearance. I ended up spending more then I intended but couldn’t pass up the deals that I found.

City Colors no name Blue and Purple

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Set In Stone, Hard Lemonade, Heart Of Stone, On the Rocks, and Hard-ly There 

And now I rarely buy these but Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure were 50% off, making each less then $4 a piece.

Strike A Pose, Model Behavior and First Kiss

Summer Plum and Delphinium

Barracuda and Paparazzi

And finally after seeing it swatched on Candy Coated Tips, I had to go buy L’Oreal Owl’s Night. It’s a super pretty dark bluish purple with tons of gold glitter. So excited to wear this one!! ***After using this one I now realize it is more of a blackened gray with gold glitter in it.