Monday, October 10, 2011

Wet N' Wild "Gray's Anatomy"

Gray’s Anatomy is a beautiful grayish silver duo chrome. In some lights it flashes purple and in others it’s green. This one is from their Fast Dry line which typically has a great formula. This one however was a little on the thin side. It took 3 coats to really cover and probably could have used a fourth. But on the bright side it did wear very well. I had it on for 5 days and had very minimal tip wear. I only really took it off because I was bored. I think some of the longevity of the polish had to do with my top and base coats. I use Seche Vite top coat and Nail Life Gripper base coat. Both help to make everything stay longer in my opinion.

For the pictures I could not get any with the polish looking silver or green. I tried multiple settings on my camera and several different types of light. I even held my nails against my green dress to try and find that hue but it didn’t work.

Right Hand

Left Hand

Trying to get green

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